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    Wine Garden T&T was determined to be born. I'd like to take credit for it but, in all honesty, I had very little say in the matter. My wine-loving heart and art-loving soul conspired together with the greatest Creator of all, and out came these exquisite things.

    The name came from a thought that occurred to me (non-beer drinker that I am): "who needs a 'beer garden' when you can have a WINE garden??". 'T&T' represents my VIBRANTLY colourful (in every way: people, places, flora & fauna) homeland of Trinidad & Tobago...the place I was born and bred, and the source of all my design inspiration.

    These treasures are lovingly hand-painted, using (lead-free) enamel paints, and oven-baked to ensure they never peel or fade. Each design is done free-hand, so no two are ever exactly alike, and every glass is signed by the artist. They are top-rack dishwasher safe, but I highly recommend gentle hand-washing instead to ensure your treasures retain their beauty forever. 

    From the moment your lips touch this sacred object... this source of sublime pleasure... all negativity just fades away, leaving only peace and relaxation in its stead.

    With love, from my heart to your home - Helen

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    Being the proud owner of Wine Garden pieces, I enjoy sharing the experience with my family and friends. I have given these sets as wedding and holiday presents, much to the recipient's delight!! I highly recommend purchasing these pieces of art!

    — Nicole Harper, NY

    I have been and continue to be amazed at the three dimensional look of your pieces. It does not look like the images are painted on the glasses, it looks like an actual flower is inside of the glass! Truly gifted work Helen!

    — Larry Khan, T&T

    More Testimonials

    My Wine Garden Collection - currently at 14 pieces! - has become the centerpiece of my kitchen nook. I have been collecting them from inception, and have pieces that have seen me through the worst of times to the BEST of times! And I'm pretty sure I have gifted even more than I own myself. As beautiful as they are, I always USE my glasses because the wine really does taste better! I can't imagine life without them and I know that if you are fortunate to have your own pieces you would treasure them forever...and woe to the unlucky person who breaks one (you ask my sister!!!). For me these works of art are quite addictive...it's difficult to stop at 1 or 2! But it's the best addiction EVER!!!!

    Natalie Morrison, Plantation, Florida



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